Over the last few weeks, it’s been highly reported in the media that the RansomWare known as WannaCry has caused damage to business operations worldwide with the last count being over 200,000 infected PCs across 150 different countries.

Here are 5 simple steps that if followed can help to prevent RansomWare outbreaks.

  1. Windows Updates. Microsoft and other O/S vendors regularly find vulnerabilities and offer frequents updates to fix these issues. In the instance of WannaCry, Microsoft Issued a patch in March 2017 that prevented the Outbreak.
  2. Anti-Virus. Ensure that you always have some form of Anti-Virus installed on your PC and it is kept up to date, this can be a professional solution such as ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus or TrendMicro. Email us here, for an Anti-Virus quote.
  3. Email Security. Never open any suspicious emails and the attachments that they contain, instead, delete the email and ensure that it is also cleared from Trash.
  4. Internet Security. Always ensure that you are being directed to genuine pages, sometimes the website may look very professional but isn’t the genuine site.
  5. Anti-Malware. Ensure that you have Anti-Malware software installed and run scans on your PC regularly. We recommend using MalwareBytes anti-malware, it can be downloaded here free.

Were you affected by the WannaCry ransomware attack? If so, share your story with us via email here or comment below!