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Google announces shutdown of Drive desktop application Copy

By January 22, 2019 No Comments

Google recently announced in a blog post that it was officially ending support for its ageing Google Drive desktop application. The service will be replaced by two new applications; the Drive File Stream application designed for Business and the Backup and Sync application for personal accounts.

As of 26th September the Google Drive application is no longer available for download and users are being redirected to the aforementioned applications. Google announced that the support for the Drive desktop application will end officially on December 11th, with the application being completely shutdown on March 18th 2018.

As a proud Google Reseller, Queenstown IT will be contacting its numerous G Suite customers over the next few months to organise software updates to the new Drive File Stream application.

With the new Drive File Stream application the end user has the ability to do selective synchronisation of folders within both Team Drives and Personal Drives. This will help save vital disk space on low storage devices, files are always accessible with an internet connection regardless of the sync status.

Organisations have the ability to choose which application they use moving forward and some of the differences are shown below:

Compare sync solutions

Feature Drive File Stream Backup and Sync
Access files in My Drive
Access files in Team Drives
Stream files on demand
Sync only selected folders in My Drive
Sync only individual files in My Drive
Use native applications like MS Word and Photoshop
Sync other folders, such as Documents or Desktop


If you transition from Backup and Sync to Drive File Stream, here are primary differences you’ll notice in the user interface:

Drive File StreamDrive File Stream Backup and Sync Backup and Sync

Access Google Drive like any other local or network drive.

Mac: Google Drive appears in Finder under Devices.
Windows 7: Google Drive appears in Explorer as a mounted drive under My Computer and Favorites.
Windows 10: Google Drive appears in Explorer as a mounted drive under This PC and Quick Access.

Access Google Drive like a folder on your hard drive.*

Mac: Google Drive appears in Finder under Favorites.
Windows: Google Drive appears in Explorer under Quick Access.

When you access Google Drive on your computer, you see both My Drive and Team Drives. When you access Google Drive on your computer, you see My Drive. You can find Team Drives only in Drive on the web.*
To sync content from Documents, Desktop, or other folders, you must explicitly move it to My Drive. You can select other folders on your computer to automatically back up and sync besides My Drive (such as Documents or Desktop). These folders appear in the Computers section in Drive on the web.

*Also applies for the previous version, Google Drive for Mac/PC.


If you would like any further information or to become a G Suite customer through Queenstown IT, please contact us on 03 442 7848 or via email

For existing customers, if you would like to get ahead of the curve, please contact us to organise the Software upgrade.