Intelligent Monitoring

Our team of experts will monitor the health of your IT equipment 24/7. They will take ownership of the performance and availability of your core devices and diagnose problems before they occur, protecting your business from system downtime.

Why should you consider this solution?

Businesses today face an ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks where criminals are looking to cause disruptions to organisations by bringing down IT systems. It is imperative that companies keep their IT equipment on the latest software revisions keeping security features up to date and protecting your information.

Gain Insight

A single pane view into the health, security and performance of your devices


Proactive monitoring means our technicians keep an eye on your equipment and services 24/7

Ensure Availability

Ensure your equipment is always up and running with a professional team monitoring and resolving issues.

What is included ?

  • Configure IT devices to industry best practices 
  • Perform software updates and maintenance
  • Resolve any operating issues before they occur
  • Proactive monitoring of equipment performance
  • Provide ongoing patching 
  • Active prevention of unauthorised network access
  • Monitoring storage space and data backups
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Replacement equipment in case of any hardware failure

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