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Microsoft Office 365 Price Changes

As we navigate through the changes aligning the announcement of Microsoft Office 365, we are offering 2 options:

Option 1: One-year Commitment
1. Price changes will only occur once a year, ensuring stability and predictability for your budget.
2. While no reduction of licenses is permitted, you will have the flexibility to add additional licenses if the need arises.
3. Benefit from a discounted price, while retaining the choice of monthly or annual billing.

Option 2: No Commitment
1. You will enjoy the flexibility to adjust the number of licenses as necessary, accommodating any changes in your business requirements.
2. Pricing may vary in accordance with any adjustments made by Microsoft during the month.
3. Please note that this option doesn’t include a discounted rate. Monthly or annual billing options remain available.

Kindly select which option would you prefer.

Thank you for your continued support!

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