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VoIP Technology

Change the way you think about phone calls 

We understand that communication is critical to any enterprise. VoIP transforms the way business can communicate. Plans starting at $25 +GST per month.

  • Lower communication costs 
  • Offer a versatility of features 
  • Connect globally
  • Flexibility to support your growing business

Ready to transform the way you communicate? Request a quote.

We offer a range of plans to enable your business to connect with clients and staff. Minutes, inclusions and features per plan are entirely dependent on your requirements. 


How is VoIP different from my landline phone service?

VoIP works over the Internet. You get everything you’d expect from a landline, plus the ability to take your phone plan with you on your mobile and call from anywhere in the world whilst reducing on phone costs. 

What type of internet connection do I need and is it included?

VoIP works with any high-speed Internet connection (ADSL, VDSL or Fibre). We are also an Internet Service Provider, so if you don’t have a Broadband Internet Service in place take a look at this page for our plans and prices. 

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, in most cases you can keep your current NZ phone number. We will be able to check for you if your number can be kept. If your number is transferable, we’ll bring it over to us.  

Do I need an existing phone number?

No. If you don’t have an existing phone number, or don’t want to transfer your current one, we’ll be able to give you a new number when you sign up. You can even choose from available area codes and select the phone number you like best. 

Will I still receive calls when my power or Internet Service goes out?

Yes. Just set up your Network Availability Number when you sign up, and during an outage, all calls are forwarded to the landline or cell number you provided. 

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