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Converting foot traffic into a customer database to transform your marketing.

WiFi marketing analytics, the data that fuels WiFi marketing, enables businesses to create a personalised customer experience by delivering tailored content and specially timed offers based on customer demographics and behavior.

Businesses know a lot about their online customers.
But real world visitors are still a blindspot.

What if you could get the full picture on your real world customers and engage them the same way you do with online customers?

We can help you convert the foot traffic in your physical locations into a CRM database.

Leveraging our intelligent Wi- Fi platform, easily opt-in customers and get a 360 degree picture.

  • Grow your customer database
  • Enrich existing customer records with additional data and context
  • Feed your customer data into your ad audiences in realtime
  • Better analytics, improved integration, and enhanced efficiency.
  • Integrate with most popular CRM’s

Forget about Facebook Login, your business can own the data.

Want to find out more ? drop us a line.

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