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Cyber Security

The risks come from many sources. There are criminal groups – many of them off-shore – out for financial gain; there may be business competitors looking for commercial advantage; and there may be current or former employees who deliberately or accidentally compromise information security.

Unintended or unauthorised access to your computers, laptops and mobile devices could result in theft of information, access to bank accounts, disruption to trading and reputational harm.

The damage to your IT systems may prevent you from doing business for a period or compromise your customers’ information. Cleaning up the system may be expensive. The damage may affect other companies that you interact with – and lead to fines or reputational harm.


By reviewing the systems and processes of your business, we can help you take the necessary steps to mitigate risks and improve the foundations of your business cyber security.

Cyber Security Policy

We will help establishing the rules of engagement for protecting your business online.
It includes simple security controls with regard to staff use of your network, and the operation
of devices and systems used by your business.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 

Leveraging on our Technology partners, we will implement software and processes to help your business recover from a disaster and continue or resume routine business operations.

We’re confident we can keep your technology assets optimized and eliminate disruptions to your operations, so you can focus on your running your business.

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