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Accelerate your cloud journey

When it’s time to cut down on your IT infrastructure costs, the first place businesses look is Cloud storage. At Queenstown IT, we offer a seamless Cloud migration service specifically designed to make it easier for you to access your data from a wide range of devices and from any location on the planet.

Agility and Speed

With the cloud, procurement of new inventory and storage space is reduced to a matter of days or even hours, giving businesses the agility to respond to a rapidly changing technological environment.

Operational Efficiency

The simplicity in cloud solutions makes teams more productive. In distributed teams, the cloud removes region-specific dependencies, creating a collaborative team setting.

Cost Savings

At large volumes, the unit price of servers comes down noticeably in comparison with native data centers. The pay-as-you-use model provides the flexibility that companies seek to counter seasonal demand and scale up or down as required by the business.

Speed up your innovation.

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