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Cloud vs legacy pos – How you can make the switch painlessly

You’ve ended up here because you’re probably frustrated with your current Point of Sale system. You’ve probably read multiple cloud vs legacy pos comparison articles, but what you’re really searching for is how this switch is going to impact your business.

A little bit of background

Legacy Point of Sale systems have proven incapable of incorporating key business functions such as inventory control, staffing and more. This coupled with compatibility issues with hardware and non-compliance with (CISP) Encryption requirements mean they are no longer the obvious choice for merchants.

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And then of course, there’s that outdated and ugly operating screen you have to stare at all day.

Is migrating to a new POS system worth the cost and disruption?

Are you looking to make the switch? Here are a few challenges to consider in this process:

    1. Will it work with your existing hardware?
      pos, point of sale hardware, hardware
      This again depends on what you’ve currently got on hand, and your specific set up. Most cloud POS are device agnostic. This means that you will be able to run it on an iPad, Albert or Android device. And yes, they even run on windows.

    2. Will it work with other products?

      Cloud Point of Sales live and die by their ecosystems. This means that they’re far more motivated to play well with others. Migrating to a cloud system will mean you have more access to add-ons that can offer more opportunity to grow your business. Learn more about POS here.

    3. How long does a Cloud Point of Sale take to set up?

      Well, do you have 10 menu items with 100 ingredients of 1000 menu items with 12,000 ingredients? This will form the basis for your setup time on cloud Point of Sale systems.

      ipad-air-posIn saying that, you can get in touch with us so we can take care of the heavy lifting and get you back to trading quickly.

      Once your menu is set up you’re ready to start trading. At this point you’ve merely cracked the surface. Now that your menu is loaded up, you can begin to unlock features like wastage and inventory, gaining more workflow efficiencies.

    4. When is the best time to make the switch?

      The best time to undertake any major operational switch is during your slower months. Imagine having to retrain your staff during the Christmas rush. That would be a nightmare.Always plan ahead when changing anything within your operational workflow.

Which Cloud POS Works Best?

This is a really subjective question. Each business has different workflows and objectives. It is important to think of your Point of Sale as supporting these objectives.

Perhaps you have registers split across your bar and restaurant. This means that the cloud solution best suited to you will be completely wrong for the cafe around the corner. You may need a more turnkey solution that specifies on a product level which printers an order goes to – food to the kitchen, drinks to the bar, you get the idea.

The guy around the corner on the other hand may just need a basic POS to operate his only register.

How to choose a cloud Point of Sale?

Start by making a list. The best place to start is why you’re looking to make the switch in the first place. You deal with these pain points daily. Analysing these pain points will paint a better picture of the exact Point of Sale solution your business needs.

As you begin comparing solutions identify ones with features that rectify these pain points. This will mean that when you do make the decision, it’s one you can clearly rationalise and stand by.

Compare the options in the market to find the best Cloud Point of Sale system for your needs.

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